Don't Confront A Tough Legal Problem On Your Own

Is your future on the line due to a criminal charge in or near Fairfield County, Connecticut, or in federal courts in Southern New York? Have you been contacted about an investigation into your business or tax dealings? In any such situation, speaking to police or government agents without an attorney's counsel is a major risk you may seriously regret.

Perhaps you are engaged in a financially significant dispute with a business partner, an associate or even a family member. You can count on Elliot R. Warren, Attorney at Law, for rigorous analysis and guidance tailored to your unique situation, however sensitive and nuanced it may be.

Turn To A Former Federal Prosecutor Known For Strength In Litigation And Dispute Resolution

Based in Westport, Elliot R. Warren is a widely respected criminal defense and civil disputes lawyer who will prioritize your case and work every angle to protect your interests. His ethical, rigorous approach and track record of results have led to numerous honors from his peers and many referrals from prior clients.

Learn All Options And Protect Your Future · Consult Attorney Elliot R. Warren

Mr. Warren practices in state and federal courts across Connecticut and federal courts in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, representing clients from cities such as Norwalk, Stamford, Fairfield, Westport, Bridgeport and Danbury, as well as other surrounding communities. Having handled the most serious criminal charges and many disputes arising out of probate, business interactions, accidents that caused personal injury, tax and commercial leasing matters, he is not intimidated by any complex case or any opponent.

Not all lawyers of significant stature in the legal community emphasize timely responsiveness and cost-effective representation. To meet with one who does, call or email Elliot R. Warren, Attorney at Law.