Are You Involved In An Inheritance Dispute?

After the death of a family member, it is fairly common for surviving heirs to disagree about the validity of the will or how the estate should be administered. When this occurs, the challenge is multi-faceted. You should work with a diligent, diplomatic attorney who will strive to preserve relationships while achieving a just outcome for you.

Were you left out of your parent's will or slighted in regard to the inheritance you will receive? Does the distribution of money and valuable property seem inexplicably unfair? You may believe the person appointed as executor is interested only in protecting his or her own interests. Even when these serious concerns do not arise, the Connecticut probate process can be complex and intimidating without a knowledgeable lawyer involved.

Get Informed Legal Guidance To Protect Your Rightful Inheritance — Or To Properly Manage Your Duties As Executor

Westport-based attorney Elliot R. Warren refers clients in need of estate, trust and tax planning to reputable lawyers who focus primarily on these matters. When it comes to probate and inheritance disputes, however, he is a premier resource with decades of relevant experience counseling and representing:

  • Family members or other heirs who suspect undue influence on the deceased or wrongdoing in estate administration that may unfairly deprive them of their rightful inheritances
  • Estate executors who need sound legal guidance to navigate all required probate processes, address any disputes and avoid personal liability

Mr. Warren has handled a diverse range of probate and inheritance disputes, including many with millions of dollars on the line. He will analyze your position thoroughly and offer practical, realistic guidance. You can turn to him with confidence for reliable advice on complex issues such as when an advance on a large estate should be granted or when executor removal may be justified.

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At Elliot R. Warren Attorney at Law, a firm serving Fairfield County and surrounding communities, you and your case will receive dedicated attention. Mr. Warren tailors his services to individuals' unique needs and targets the most timely, cost-effective outcomes possible. However, if litigation is the only way to protect your critical interests, you will have a leading trial lawyer on your side. Call or email him directly to discuss your concerns.