Under Investigation For A White Collar Crime?

Many offenses related to business dealings, financial transactions and taxation are referred to as white collar crimes. Although the rise of the internet has blurred many lines and added complexity, the essence of these offenses is the same as ever. Individuals and businesses accused of cutting corners or conspiring for their own financial gain often face devastating consequences if convicted.

Turn To A Lawyer Who Knows White Collar Charges And Defense Strategies From All Angles

If you have been charged with a financial crime or learned you are under investigation, there is no time to lose in seeking a qualified lawyer's counsel. You may well be worried about your career and public reputation as well as your exposure to huge fines and possible incarceration. In Fairfield County or any surrounding community, you can turn to attorney Elliot R. Warren for rigorous, comprehensive protection of your interests.

Prior to entering private practice in Westport, Connecticut, Mr. Warren served as a federal government attorney, prosecuting many tax offenders and those accused of fraud. In the decades since, he has put knowledge gained during that tenure to excellent use for both individuals and companies in need of defense against allegations of, for example:

  • Tax fraud, as when owners of a closely held business are found to have avoided or underpaid payroll taxes or other obligations
  • Bank fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud — one or more of which could be charged in almost any case of financial wrongdoing
  • Mortgage fraud, health care fraud, securities fraud and other crimes specific to certain industries
  • Embezzlement and employee larceny

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Have you been notified of a tax audit or another government inquiry? Perhaps you are uncertain whether expense-reporting decisions you have made are illegal and could lead to criminal charges. In any such situation, the right legal counsel could make all the difference. Mr. Warren also addresses civil tax problems and represents clients embroiled in partnership and business disputes.

At Elliot R. Warren Attorney at Law, you will know your concerns matter. Mr. Warren is a proven negotiator and trial lawyer with access to forensic accountants, former IRS agents and other professionals who may prove indispensable for earning an acquittal, dismissal or manageable plea bargain in your case. Simply call or email him today for prompt attention and honest, clear legal guidance.