Whether Business Or Individual, You Can Fight White Collar Charges

Both businesses and individuals can be convicted of white collar crime. Although businesses cannot go to jail, they can be fined and may have their licenses revoked. In addition, a business may lose clients due to adverse publicity, may be barred from conducting business in certain areas, and may suffer heavy financial penalties if convicted of a crime.

A business operates through its employees, officers, directors and owners. Sometimes business criminal investigations lead to charges being filed individually against such owners, directors, officers, or employees who were specifically responsible for actions that violate the law.

An individual can be charged with white collar crime separately or in the context of his/her employment. One can be charged as an individual if one willfully violates a law or commits any sort of fraud including:

  • Bank fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Mail or wire fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Other government, corporate or business fraud

The loyalty and obligations of a criminal defense attorney who is representing a business are to the business entity itself -- to the Board of Directors or to the owner of the business. During the course of investigating the circumstances of the charges, a criminal defense attorney may be called upon to interview employees or other people connected to the business. However, those people are not represented individually, so they do not have a privileged attorney-client relationship. The obligation of the lawyer representing the business is to turn over the results of the investigation to the authorities in the business that hired the lawyer.

If you suspect that you or your business is under investigation for fraud or another financial crime, contact a Connecticut criminal lawyer immediately to secure representation -- before making statements or otherwise representing oneself in the matter. Being charged with a white collar crime is stressful. Having an experienced lawyer to provide legal representation at the initial stages of a criminal case and thereafter is critical. Your lawyer is going to be in the best position to determine whether you may be able to avoid a criminal conviction, and/or to negotiate with prosecutors concerning the dismissal or reduction of the charges. If your lawyer has the proper facts and backgrounds from the client, he or she can obtain the most effective result.

Contact Elliot Warren, a trusted white collar crime lawyer in Connecticut, for an initial consultation on your white collar crime defense options.