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Comprehensive Guidance In Business And Partnership Issues

As a business owner or stakeholder, you can be vigilant in all of your decisions and transactions and still run into serious, financially pivotal conflicts. Partnerships can unravel over time. People who once collaborated effectively may develop stark differences of opinion over how a business should be managed. Not everyone in business shares the same ethics and values, and you may have been deceived in a major transaction.

Turn To An Accomplished Lawyer With Decades Of Complex Case Experience

Elliot R. Warren Attorney at Law is a premier resource for businesspeople in Fairfield County who are embroiled in complex disputes. Based in Westport, Mr. Warren has been providing sound counsel and rigorous, practical representation to resolve civil disputes for more than 25 years. Depending on the circumstances of your case, his extensive experience in white collar crime investigations and all forums for dispute resolution may prove key assets for you.

You can turn to Elliot R. Warren with confidence in his ability to analyze your unique situation and help you explore all viable options. His knowledge and capabilities cover, for example:

  • Breach of contract claims, including those involving alleged violations of construction contracts, commercial leases, purchase agreements, service agreements and buy-sell agreements
  • Disputes among partners or members of an LLC that may require negotiation or litigation to complete a “business divorce”
  • Suspicions and allegations of outright fraud or financial self-dealing by a business partner or associate
  • Disputes arising from misrepresentation of property, equipment or other assets
  • Issues arising out of the formation of, or breaches in, commercial leases

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As a long-standing, active trial lawyer, Mr. Warren is well aware that full-blown litigation can sometimes be more costly than it is worth for a business client. He consistently focuses on diligence in upfront investigation and analysis to help clients make sound decisions in full view of likely outcomes and risks. To put his knowledge and wealth of experience to work for you, call 203-429-4121 or send an email inquiry now.